Recommend me a good router?


Mar 7, 2004
Well, I'm a total newblet to networking, seeing how all this time I only had one computer in the house. Now i'm getting another one, and apparently, I need a router to be able to share my DSL connection accross two computers. I don't really know what router I should get, but I would like one that's capable of at least 100mbit Ethernet. I would need cat7 cables for this, right?.. Also, I'm scared of linux! And cost is more important at this point than anything else; besides I don't want any security features such as firewall... I have firewall on my nF3 250Gb chipset.
Just get a bsic linksys hard-wired cable/dsl router. should be more than $50. no you just need Cat5.
I have a D-Link wireless 614+ and a Cisco 1760. I personally have no problem with my D-Link router, and never had any problems with their wired ones, (604P, 704P), I generally haven't messed with the linksys products because of a problem I had with their hardware about 3 years ago. The D-Link wireless series of routers seem to be on everyone's crap list, so I'd say try the Linksys wireless g series that everyone seems to have and hate less than the D-Link, or get a wired D-Link. I have a 604P I'm not using, if you want that, PM me.
$54 is too much for a router? That's pocket change.

Get a Hub then, way cheaper. You don't really need any intelligent routing with 2 computers.

I've got an SMC 7004VBR, and it works very well. Picked it up for less than $20 shipped a while back.