Recommend Good/Affordable Cat 6A Termination tools?


Fully [H]
Oct 29, 2000
Hey everyone.

New house, time to route some wires. This time I own the place, and I am going to make tiny holes and crimp the cables on each side.

I've done 5e and 6 before, but I figured that I might as well future proof at least a little bit, so I think I have decided to go with Cat 6a, and from what I understnad this means I need all new tools.

1.) New contact crimper, as the crimp design on the new connectors is different.
2.) New crimper for the ground wire (because it didn't exist before)
3.) Not sure if my old insulation cutter will do the trick but maybe it will, otherwise I could use some suggestions for that.

I have seen some things labeled "10 gig Termination Kits" and while they look impressive, they are also priced at rather stupid levels.

Would appreciate any suggestions on more affordable solutions you guys use.