Recommend a mid-ATX case for my dad's build


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Jun 12, 2004
I spent part of my weekend hooking up my dad with a new 850 EVO SSD, and I was a little embarassed for him when working inside his dusty old case. Wires/cables were everywhere, tight video card fit, no logical place to even mount his SSD, tacky alienware knock-off aethetics.

So over the next few months, I'm going to gradually upgrade him, but I'm a bit hung up on cases. We have a few requirements:

  • Mid-tower ATX (full tower will not fit the nook he's built for the tower).
  • Less than $80 shipped USD.
  • Clearance for CM Hyper 212 Evo (159mm tall).
  • Fit 10.39" (264mm) videocard (Powercolor AX7970).
  • Cable management behind motherboard.
  • HDD, SSD, and optical drive mounting trays.
  • Tool-less entry (e.g. thumb screws, latch).
  • Aesthetically clean/simple/classy.
  • Preferred tool-less PCI expansion slots.
  • Preferred little to no LED accent lighting.

I'm currently looking at the Antec P100, NZXT S340, and Corsair 300R.

The Corsair 300R is the cheapest of the lot, hits my requirements, but it's also the ugliest. NZXT's gets major aesthetic points, but I don't like the HDD mounting. The Antec P100 hits every one of my requirements, looks decent, and I'm familiar with it already since I have a P280, but it's the priciest. I'm leaning toward the S340, unless someone can talk me out of it.
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