Recent Samsung RMA Experience/G70A Issue ?


Jul 25, 2012
Anyone RMA'd a Samsung monitor recently?

My G70A 28" started developing a random red line across the screen in the middle (first time had that happen to a monitor, very disappointed). Since it's out of the 15 day return window all they are offering is to send it to their NJ service center here for repair RMA:
Given their stellar rating not to mention it's literally across the country, I'm not very inclined to send it especially because gentle presses seem to have gotten rid of it for now..
Redditors seem to have a similar experience fwiw:

Given the chances this service center will do everything but service the screen, I'm thinking of just waiting and seeing what happens, hopefully it does not come back unless someone here has had a decent experience with this samsung svc center recently.

Side gripe/vent: Why is every thing so very difficult these days? As I was dealing with this I decided to see if I could get an Advanced RMA for my AW3423DW with a newer firmware, in the past all it took for AW/UW Dell screens was a 10 min chat with tech support, today it was 1 hour with chat followed by 1.5 hours on the phone where they made me take a HWS style picture of the svc code and my details on a piece on paper before even submitting the case???? WTF??? This is on a Dell Premier Account with substantial work spend over the past year (no other RMAs).