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    Oct 24, 2005
    They rated the 610N to be vastly superior to the WNDR3700. Thoughts?

    I checked out DDWRT and the WNDR3700 is not listed, was I not looking in the right spot?

    I have read many of the threads here and losta people are looking at these two routers at the heavy weights.

    I did read the sticky, infact I bought the DGL4500 based on the information presented there (in 2007/2008). No fault of the sticky or to [H] but the DGL4500 turned out to be a heavy weight in hardware and quite the paperweight in firmware. I am still on the original firmware of 1.02 (lucky for me).

    Looking to upgrade the D-Link and those above routers are the only ones I am looking at. Are there new versions of those routers coming out?

    Yea, losta questions, basically which one is bestter? Yes, that is a new word, now.