Receiver died. I want a basic 2.1 system for the TV but Samsung remotes don't have optical - help?


Dec 16, 2010
I bought a slimline Integra 5.1 receiver about 2 years ago and it seems to now be dead so I'm suffering with TV sound right now.

I don't really *need* an AVR - I have a passive Canton sound bar (3 channel) that I usually just run in stereo and a basic 8" subwoofer. It's all very basic, but it works fine.

My issue is that my 2018 Samsung 65" QLED Q6F TV does not seem to have IR or the ability to send IR codes to an amp/receiver so the only way for unified volume control is HDMI-CEC / ARC (I don't think I have eARC)

I would just run an optical cable and be done, but everyone in the house will lose their mind if we have to have a TV remote and a sound remote.

The best option looks like:

1. Bluesound Powernode 2i which has an HDMI / ARC port and some nice streaming capabilities and can now do wireless Dolby (which I might try).

2. I'm also interested in the NAD C338 Integrated amp - it has Chromecast built in (which would cover me for streaming) and looks like the right package - but it would be optical in, no ARC / CEC volume control.

3. I could also get an AVR - nothing against them, I just don't have a way to wire in surround sound so it's either 2.1 audio or Marantz HEOS / Yamaha Musicast for wireless surround and I hear those are pretty mixed.

Anyone have a good suggestion?

1. Good ARC devices I'm not considering similar to the Bluesound
2. A solution for the dual remote issue if I go without CEC/ARC
3. An AVR solution with good wireless surround.

Yeah, I'm kind of all over the place here.

Budget: $1000 or less preferred but for a cool solution, I can go $1500-2000 if I want to.

Edit: We really like the Canton 3 channel sound bar - it looks and sounds really nice (it's white, blends in with the decor and has full WAF dispensation) so another sound bar isn't an option.


Aug 31, 2009
There are definitely Samsung soundbars that have optical. This one specifically exists:



Sep 27, 2005
If you only need optical, did you think about just trying to find a used receiver? Many people are upgrading due to HDMI 2.1. You could get a really, really good deal.