Rebuilding a ReQuest Intelligent Media Client can it be done?

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Jun 12, 2001
Hi all.
I bought a used ReQuest Intelligent Media Client on eBay that the seller could not test it because he had no cords AKA he knew it did not work as who does not have an extra IEC 60320 C13 cord me I have a whole milk crate filled with them.
Anyway it does not work
It is just a regular PC in a neat case I think the motherboard is bad and possibly the power supply it will not power on with the power supply installed in the case but connected to my test unit it powers on but no post (no beep even with the ram removed & no picture)

I want to have the original functions if possible so I need a new ITX motherboard preferably LGA 1155 (I have a lot of DDR 3 both DIMM & SO-DIMM type and a few CPUs to choose from) something better then the cheap H61 series that seem to have flooded the market preferably Q(Z) 75/77

I can make the IO plate modifications and power supply issues

It came with a SATA 2GB flash module that connects directly to a SATA port that works but is probably not large enough for another OS (it came with XP Embedded edition) I made an image of that drive.

So does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed with this project.

I want the built in IR module to work I think it connects via a COM (Serial RS-232) port.