ReBarUEFI: A UEFI DXE driver to enable Resizable BAR on systems which don't support it officially (critical for Intel GPUs)


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May 24, 2000
Just wanted to drop this here in case anyone wants to add resizable bar to an older machine for Intel ARC GPUs:

I added it my X99 HTPC for use with an incoming A380. Was a little confusing, and there were gremlins, but I got it going.

EDIT: My A380 just arrived and I checked GPU-Z. Rebar is enabled on my X99!

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You should be able to turn it on PCIe 3 and Ryzen 3 3100, I use to run Rebar on my RTX3070 with the x470/ 3700x combo in PCIe 3, don't have my x58 system anymore to try it that one out.

Also, I have seen some gaming on the A380 and not bad at all for the price and AV1 encoded.

I wish my A770 would run Fry Cry 6, it keeps crashing to desktop before it will run the benchmark of game or game.

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Trying to reinstall Fry Cry 6 again to see if that fixes the issue,

Ghost Recon Breakpoint runs good
Sniper Elite 5 runs good
Cyberpunk 2.0 Phantom Liberty runs good
RDR2 runs good
Forspoken no good
Ratchet & Clank runs good
Deep Space runs good even with DLSS
Mavel's Avengers runs butt shutters
Fonza Horizen 5 run good
World of Tanks runs good
Fortnite runs butt dropping frames for no good reason, may have to reinstall game as it will not go into DX 12 mode
Strange Brigade runs good
Starfield no good
Haven Benchmark good
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