Realtek - microphone makes white noise


Jul 31, 2015
The story goes like this. I've got Z170a MI3 by MSI. I installed a generic driver R2.82 on the december the 11th to get echo cancellation cos MSI drivers goes with this Nahimic crap that make sounds even worse. It worked fine without nahimic. I just didn't have echo cancellation. Anyway and after installing R2.82 my microphones start to make white noise. I;ve tested all the mics I have so it's not them. I noticed the white noise issue recently. I've checked lots of my game play recordings and figured the problem showed up after i installed the driver. At least it seems this way on the surface. So I decided to install the driver I used before R2.82. It helped the thing a little bit but the while noise was pretty much still there. Then I isntalled R2.82 again and funny it sounds it made the white noise even quieter. It's the same damn driver then made lots of white noise and after installing another and resintalling R2.82 it makes less white noise! What the hell?! How do you i know? I made recordings every time to see the difference and I can clearly hear it. The whole thing puzzles me like crazy.

The other day I moved a table a little bit and my mike started to make some submarine noise. Then I moved my table little bit it was gone. I made sure that the mic's cable wasn't touching anything. Was it some kinda interference? I disabled all unnecessary devices in the manager for playing and recording. There's no new electronics that I installed lately in my room to affect the microphone. I've updated my BIOS and chipset drivers just in case

Can this be something inside the case? What else can I do? Realtek chip mic jack died on the day I installed the new driver? Too much of a coincidence? Some else affected the mic or the realtek chip on that day? Too much of a coincidence?

Anyone has any ideas?