Realtek HD Audio 5.1 connected analog: NO subwoofer in-game.


Oct 31, 2008
It works fine in the test, it works fine in AC3 playback, any DD/DTS source. In games, particularly noticeable in Dead Space. My sub does NOT receive audio at all, and therefore does not produce sound at all.

I'm sorry my first post is a cry for help, considering I've been reading this site for YEARS now.

Connected to a Denon AVR-588
Infinity Primus series speakers all around with a Velodyne DPS-10 subwoofer
Windows XP MCE 32Bit SP3
350GB HD
Using on-board realtek HD Audio
Athlon X2 5200+ or somesuch
I can't remember my board model number, it's an AMD 790X CF MSI cheapie. This is a temporary PC until I build a tricked out system.

It's a new build, fresh load of Windows. It definitely seems like a software problem, and it leads me to believe the game is not putting out the .1 even though it's configured for 5.1 in-game.

It's technically a HTPC, but this computer is hardly used for that purpose.

Are there older drivers that don't have this problem? I'm running the newest available Realtek drivers, and I had the same problem with the drivers provided on the CD for the MB and the MSI website... Any help would be very much appreciated.

If a new sound card will help, I'll go that route. I wanted to get a Dolby Digital Live card anyway, but I was going to hold off for a while until I could afford a higher end card instead of a bargain bin $50 card...