Real Racing 3 for Android, a perfect example of EA's microtransaction greed


Aug 3, 2004
EA's greed in this game is astounding. The cost of some of the content makes iRacing look tame by comparison. The Pagani Huarya for example costs 1,358,000 R$. EA calls them microtransactions, but 2,000,000 R$ costs $49.99 cash in the store. They'll sell you 5,000,000 R$ for $99.99.

Then there are timers for upgrades and repairs that can be bypassed for "gold", or you can wait X minutes but your car is unavailable. $400 of gold costs $49.99 cash, but they'll sell you $1000 of gold for $99.99. I waited 14 minutes for repairs to complete, I quit the game, 14 minutes later the game sent a notification that the repairs were complete.
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I believe there is already a thread about this over in General Gaming.
Couldn't agree more. I lasted about a week before I deleted it. I'm beginning to really hate games that virtually depend on in-app purchases.