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Jan 12, 2004
The Trips, Tricks, and Trolls subforum exists to allow forum members a place to discuss issues relevant to the FS/FT forum. Before posting a thread here, please review the information below, and make sure your thread is on-topic for this forum.

Tips & Tricks

If you have, or are seeking information relating to FS/FT transactions, this is the place for your thread. Topics can include: shipping advice, information on payment and feedback systems, how to avoid problems with your transactions, etc...

Before you post a question or share information though, please be sure to use the search function. Many topics have been repeatedly discussed, and you may be able to find an answer to your question immediately instead of waiting for others to reply.


If you feel there is a problem with a transaction you've participated in on hardforum, you can post here to receive advice on how to resolve it. Please consider carefully before posting a thread indicating someone is a troll. You should take every step possible to communicate privately with the other party before creating a thread here. If you've followed the excellent advice given in the Avoiding Trolls section of the FS/FT Rules, you should have the other parties name, physical address, and phone number. Please exhaust these, and any other avenues of communication, before posting. If you do decide to post, include the following:

  • A link to the original FS/FT Thread (only if you wish to identify the other party)
  • A concise explanation of what went wrong (item never received, not as described, etc..)
  • A brief time line of your attempts to communicate with the other person(s) involved.

When posting, while we realize you are concerned about your money or property, please attempt to calmly describe your situation. You should not post negative comments about others; just stick to the facts and let them speak for themselves. Also per the Main Forum Rules, do not post the personal information of anyone in your thread.

Please be aware that while we do wish to be helpful and maintain an excellent FS/FT environment, you trade solely at your own risk. [H]ard|Forum is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any loss due to any sale or exchange of any item in the For Sale / Trade forum. If a member can be proven to have acted dishonestly with another, we may remove their access to the FS/FT forum or revoke their entire membership at the discretion of the forum staff. We do attempt to provide all involved parties with an adequate opportunity to voice their side of any situation before taking any adverse action.

What Should Not Be Posted Here

Transactions that happened outside of the Hardforum FS/FT community are off-topic, and threads started about them will be locked or deleted. Threads regarding eBay transactions that originated in the [H]ardForum eBay auction forum are permitted, non-forum related problems originating from the eBay website are not. Those posts are considered off-topic and will be closed or deleted.

If you wish to contribute to someone else's thread, please consider carefully whether your post will answer the thread starters question, or help them resolve their trading problem. If you do not have first hand information concerning a situation, or useful/relevant information DO NOT POST.

Please remember these threads are often dealing with a members actual money or possessions. If your post isn't helpful, then it's just in the way, and an obstacle to them resolving their situation. The moderators and administrators will deal directly with those who simply wish to "jump in and voice their opinion" about issues they are not directly involved in.

If you aren't sure if your thread should go here, feel free to PM any of the moderators listed at the bottom of the FS/FT Page for direction.
Not open for further replies.