re: Corsair MP600 PRO NH M.2 2280 8TB PCI-Express 4.0 x4 3D TLC CSSD-F8000GBMP600PNH


Nov 16, 2007
Just ordered one with a big part of my quarterly bonus.

Got tired of my Steam Drive looking like this:

My prior m.2's have been Sabrent and I have been happy with them, I have some time off coming and didnt want to wait for the Sabrent 8tb to get back in stock.

When I upgrade my mobo/cpu in Aug/Sept this drive will go to the new system.

My question(s) are is there any software specific to Corsair drives? Firmware updaters etc.
For persons who have used them is there anything I should know?
I'm not worried about it being super fast, middle of the road is fine, only 1 game support Direct Store so far, right?