Random BSOD in Windows 7 64 bit


Aug 3, 2005
So for the last two months my computer has been having random BSOD a couple of times a day.

In the last week...

- I tried formatting my HDD and that didn't fix it.

- I just installed a NEW HDD and that didn't fix it.

- I did an extended memory check and Windows found nothing wrong.

- I took out my sound card and went with onboard sound. Figured there might be some kind of driver conflict or maybe the card was busted. Still getting BSOD.

I know my CPU is not overheating. It's at 35 C right now.

So I really don't know what it could be and I could use some help on this. Thanks.

edit: I'm looking at my dump files with BlueScreenView and it seems ntoskrnl.exe is the culprit. Now to find out what that means.
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I was having random BSOD myself with win7 and after I got a new power supply it all stopped.
my evga board had totally random bsods due to the onboard nic drivers.. had to stop letting windows update it and used original evga one
Usually it's a driver that causes BSODs. I'd post your minidump somewhere and link it. I'm no expert, but I've parsed my fair share of dumps... I'd be happy to take a look and see if I see something different.

What stop error are you getting?
Lots of potential reason. PS is a good place to start. Make sure the PS fan is working.
2 things to check -

Run memtest to see if the ram is not giving any errors.

The second is PSU, what are your system specs, also the psu make and model. Crappy PSU's and/or failing ones will give random BSOD's.