Rampage V Extreme + 5960X Core ratio locked when overclocking?


Aug 10, 2004
CPU was running extremely hot (50C under triple radiators, 10C hotter than my SLI 1080tis) as I was running v-core at manual 1.25V. I have changed the v-core to offset with +.2 V which has decreased temps by 10C but I feel like more can be done.

I noticed from some monitoring apps that my ratio is locked at 42, even when the system is idle. This seems totally unnecessary when, for example, I'm posting on [H]. Can anyone explain to me what I'm missing? There is nothing obvious in the bios that I can see that is preventing the CPU from downclocking apart from possibly the cache ratio being locked at 37 (min, max)?

Kind of stumped, any help would be appreciated.