RAM: Patriot or OCZ?


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Jun 15, 2004
I'm looking for a Gig of high performance memory for Christmas, so I can run my 3.2 E at "higher than normal clock speeds" *wink, wink*. I currenly have some OCZ PC3500 selected for like $209. Would it be worth it to get some Patriot PC 3200 at 2-3-2-5 T1 or some PC 4000 at 3-4-4-8 T1? They're both cheaper than the OCZ.

OCZ PC 3500 $209.50 2.5-3-3-7 T1


Patriot PC 3200 $182 2-3-2-5 T1


Patriot PC 4000 $179 3-4-4-8 T1


All have Lifetime warranties, and all are Dual Channel 2x512. I'm leaning towards the PC 4000 from Patriot. Saving 20 bucks might get me the 6800 GT I want, since my parents kinda blanched at my wishlist.

I have heard some good things about Patriot, but I wanted to know if the OCZ would be infinitely better or what...

Another quick question:

If I run the PC-4000 at 1:1 timing, will it downclock itself to PC3200 IF I don't overclock?

In that case, I could run at tighter timings. I think this is correct, but I wanted to make sure.


(This post is also in the Memory forums, I just wanted a dual opinion.)


Oct 14, 2004
Memory timings are the last thing u need to look at when buyin ram ... and that's what i learnt from the memory performance guide link on the Hardocp news page a few days ago ... here

If your plans are to o/c then go with the pc4000 .. if your plans are for the most stable memory when o/c then go with the ocz ... but since you're planning on gettin the 6800 ... then go with the partriot ram and get the 6800 ...

they're also gonna probably have almost or the same timings when o/ced to 500mhz ... so imho go with the Partriot ...


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May 31, 2000
I just recently bought some OCZ Gold PC4000. Great stuff. I think it was about $85 per 512mb....


Sep 15, 2001
If your really interested in saving money, then you should find out what specific ram chips those sticks of memory uses and then find some lesser known brands that have the same ram chips on them. They will reach similar speeds.

Recently people have been looking for ram with samsung tccd chips. They do pc3200 speeds at 2-2-2-5 latencies. I myself bought a set of pdp x-xblk versions of the ram which used samsung tccd chips. I was able to overclock them to pc4000 at 2.5-3-3-6 latencies which is far better than the rams listed above. I know the 1gig set is around $220 at newegg now because they are good. They used to be $170. I know another brand to look out for is Gskill. They are supposed to have the same ran chips without the fancy heatspreaders (which actually hinders overclocking due to it trapping heat) and should overclock similarly to mine.