RAM Issues on X58 Boards

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    Dec 7, 2016
    Recently just came into this problem myself, with an EVGA X58 with 6 gigs of ram only showing 3.99. I shuffled RAM, checked the CPU pins. Havent tried updating the BIOS yet, was there anything else I could try? I don't know how to manually do the setting on the RAM in the BIOS.

    Ram I'm using is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227365
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    Aug 8, 2017
    Found this post whilst looking for a solution.

    Sabertooth x58 board
    i7 960 3.2ghz
    3X4gb Corsair Vengeance

    In triple channel it will only find 4gb, when fitting Ram to A1 A2 + B1 finds 8gb. No matter what Ai Tweaker settings, reseating Cpu/Ram most it'll ever post is 8gb. I've tested each separately and they all post 4gb so they are all working. It's driving me literally insane..

    Any suggestions?
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    Very belated X58 enthusiast here.

    I registered an account here, just to offer a solution. I had tried everything mentioned in this thread, but no dice. Then I read the above and I have found exactly this to be the cause of banks going "missing".

    The solution? Add some padding between the cpu and the small part on the latch pushing down on (making contact with) the CPU. Specifically, I only did this to the left. I used a tiny piece of cardboard.

    I was consistently able to reproduce RAM gone missing (no cardboard) and RAM showing up (cardboard). This was tested/reproduced with a GA-X58-UDR3 rev 1.0 board breadboxed on a flat surface with a stock LGA 1366 heatsink sitting loose on the CPU (e.g. not mounted).

    Depending on your CPU cooler and/or motherboard orientation you might be able to apply enough pressure in a different way. This is likely why people in this thread report tinkering with (e.g. reseating the CPU) seems to "solve" the problem.

    Hope this helps anyone so many years later! Love this platform. :)
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    Well, while it may be a first post, I would add that it certainly included some pretty interesting information.