RAM detection problem


Sep 10, 2002
Hey, I just bought a 512MB stick of DDR off my friend to go along with my current 2x256 in Dual Channel. Anyway, when I first put the stick into the computer, it detected it as 512mb, and all was fine. But then after a few reboots I noticed a bit of a slowdown, close to how it was before. So I checked how much memory was being used.

Then I noticed that the total physical memory is only at 785908k, which is only 768MB. I shut off the system and took out all the RAM. I put each stick in on it's out and booted up the machine. Sure enough, my too sticks of DC were still picking up at 256, however the new stick of 512 is now detecting as 256 as well.

In all my experience I've never seen this happen before. I have seen sticks die, but never have I seen a stick change from 512 to 256 like that. Anyway, if anyone has any idea what I could do, or maybe even what the problem might be.

All I know is if I don't get this working, I just wasted my money on a peace of crap.

Come on, someone around here has to know something!
I'm at a loss of all things logical here.