Rakesearch Milestones and Achievements


[H]ard|DCer of the Year - 2014
Jan 29, 2006
Congrats to RFGuy_KCCO

Dear crunchers!

Another (fourth in November) bunch of orthogonal digonal Latin squares found in our project is published on the results page and we send our congratulations to:

Ralfy (BOINC Confederation) and Daniel (BOINC@Poland),
Dingo (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and Gunnar Hjern,
usr-2 (Russia Team) and bill brandt-gasuen,
hoarfrost (Crystal Dream) and fzs600 (L'Alliance Francophone),
RFGuy_KCCO ([H]ardOCP) and [DPC] hansR (Dutch Power Cows),
[SG]ATA-Rolf (SETI.Germany) and Fornax (SETI.Germany),
[AF>Amis des Lapins] Naz (L'Alliance Francophone) and Paul,
Astronomy.Karelia (Karelia) and Frank [SG] (SETI.Germany),
Nosferatu* (Sicituradastra.) and [AF>Libristes] Pascal (L'Alliance Francophone),
[AF>Libristes] ElGuillermo (L'Alliance Francophone) and ale4316 (Ukraine),
shiva (SETI.USA) and ReaDy (Astronomy.Ru Forum),
Vitalii Koshura and Tuna Ertemalp (Microsoft),
Alez (The Scottish Boinc Team) and Fernando Miguel,
necavi (BOINC@Poland) and kashi (BOINC@AUSTRALIA)

Also, several hours ago we introduced a new badge - the Hare and more than 50 participants already caught it!


[H]ard|DCer of the Year - 2014
Jan 29, 2006
for over 125k points

and also

Dear participants!

We announce the last part of November results and the first part of results achieved in December. As usual you can view them on results page, but attentive crunchers can notice a new form of results (like R9_000114849, for example) - with one square in row. Square in this line is a square orthogonal to the square in previous column, that written above. This square (in line above) is orthogonal to more than one diagonal Latin squares simultaneously.

Participants that found new pairs of orthogonal diagonal Latin squares (ODLS) in November achieve a "Perelman proof anniversary badge", but for pairs, found in December and later we introduce a Rowan badge - a tree with delicious berries growing in the forests of Karelia and many other regions.
Our congratulations to:

Ralfy (BOINC Confederation) and Paul (Team Starfire World BOINC),
Fornax (SETI.Germany) and [AF>Libristes] Pascal (L'Alliance Francophone),
bill brandt-gasuen and Daniel (BOINC@Poland),
NOSTROMUS (Catalunya) and Michael H.W. Weber (Rechenkraft.net),
hoarfrost (Crystal Dream) and Coleslaw ([H]ardOCP),
Hoshione (SETI.Germany) and Fernando Miguel,
DoctorNow (BOINC@Heidelberg) and Jeff17 (BOINCstats),
Skivelitis2 (BOINCstats) and kashi (BOINC@AUSTRALIA),
LCB001 (Hardware Canucks) and Tuna Ertemalp (Microsoft),
tito (BOINC@Poland) and Conan (Cobar Spiders),
vanos0512 (BOINC@Taiwan) and Buckey (BOINC Confederation),
Joern Gerken (Gridcoin) and taurec (SETI.Germany),
UBT - Timbo (UK BOINC Team) and KR Center (Karelia),
ReaDy (Astronomy.Ru Forum) and ShmyaCluster (Crystal Dream),
[SG-2W]Kurzer (SETI.Germany) and Senilix (Rechenkraft.net),
Kalomel (BOINC@Poland) and Sabroe_SMC (Planet 3DNow!),
PDW (OcUK - Overclockers UK) and owensse (The Planetary Society),
[DPC] hansR (Dutch Power Cows) and joe carnivore (Planet 3DNow!),
jozef j (Russia Team) and Gunnar Hjern,
Dr Who Fan (BOINCstats) and HK-Steve (Crunching@EVGA)

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[H]ard|DCer of the Year - 2014
Jan 29, 2006
Dear crunchers!

On the results page we publish a third part of results, found in our project in December. They have been found:

Natalia (Crystal Dream) and Astronomy.Karelia (Karelia),
Daniel (BOINC@Poland) and [SG-FC] hl (SETI.Germany),
damotbe (L'Alliance Francophone) and Phil1966 (L'Alliance Francophone),
Bryan (SETI.USA) and Ralfy (BOINC Confederation),
vanos0512 (BOINC@Taiwan) and jozef j (Russia Team),
firstomega (Rechenkraft.net) and arkiss,
[SG-2W]Kurzer (SETI.Germany) and qiang ge,
saiz (Team China) and adams,
Vitalii Koshura and robbysites (Crunching@EVGA),
xyzzy (BOINCstats) and fix,
al@ON (L'Alliance Francophone) and DrBob (USA),
Daniel (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and europe64 (europe64),
Fernando Miguel and necavi (BOINC@Poland),
Scortch (Alpha Phi Omega) and kavamaken,
[AF>Belgique]Mamouth (L'Alliance Francophone) and [AF>FAH-Addict.net]toTOW (L'Alliance Francophone),
respawner (Rechenkraft.net) and EarlyBird@Zircons (BOINC@Taiwan),
DoctorNow (BOINC@Heidelberg) and Andreas64m
freestman (Team China) and pons66 (SETI.Germany),
Michael H.W. Weber (Rechenkraft.net) and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Ceclo (L'Alliance Francophone),
Skivelitis2 (BOINCstats) and xTnT (Rechenkraft.net),
Dmitriy Otroschenko (Ukraine) and Hartmut 53,
Odicin (BOINC Confederation) and JagDoc (Planet 3DNow!),
Skywalker@Athens (Macedonia is Greek!) and ReaDy (Astronomy.Ru Forum),
shiva (SETI.USA) and Международная база наблюдений комет (Karelia),
polarbeardj (Crunching@EVGA) and LCB001 (Hardware Canucks),
Mumps [MM] (SETI.USA) and mimeq (BOINC@Poland),
http://vk.com/boinc (Karelia) and [AF>WildWildWest]Sebastien (L'Alliance Francophone),
[AF] Skinny06 (L'Alliance Francophone) and [AF>Kirass>MPF] Kikiphil (L'Alliance Francophone),
GLeeM (TeAm AnandTech) and [DPC] hansR (Dutch Power Cows),
Henk Haneveld (Dutch Power Cows) and Joern Gerken (Gridcoin),
KR Center (Karelia) and Francis Butts (USA),
meadoel (BOINCstats) and tazzduke (BOINC@AUSTRALIA),
Shmya-2 (Crystal Dream) and steverocky (The Final Front Ear),
cpuid (SETI.Germany) and owensse (The Planetary Society),
bcavnaugh (Crunching@EVGA) and hoarfrost (Crystal Dream),
sergamena (Russia Team) and Coleslaw ([H]ardOCP),
Kalomel (BOINC@Poland) and Agus (CANAL@Boinc),
Bloodnok and B Johansson (AMD Users).

As usual, all participants that do not have a Rowan badge - received it! :)
Thank you for your participation and CPU time of your computers - from small netbooks to powerful machines!



[H]ard|DCer of the Year - 2014
Jan 29, 2006
Dear participants!

Processing of results obtained in 2018 has started, and we send our congratulations and new badge (Cloudberry - a nice caption for achievement in computing!) to:

[SG-FC] hl (SETI.Germany) and Ralfy (BOINC Confederation),
damotbe (L'Alliance Francophone) and Hartmut 53,
Daniel (BOINC@Poland) and Mumps [MM] (SETI.USA),
vanos0512 (BOINC@Taiwan) and jozef j (Russia Team),
firstomega (Rechenkraft.net) and JagDoc (Planet 3DNow!),
[AF>FAH-Addict.net]toTOW (L'Alliance Francophone) and DrBob (USA),
PhilTheNet (L'Alliance Francophone) and Natalia (Crystal Dream),
bcavnaugh (Crunching@EVGA) and [SG-2W]Kurzer (SETI.Germany),
robbysites (Crunching@EVGA) and ClaudiusD (Rechenkraft.net),
cpuid (SETI.Germany) and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Phil1966 (L'Alliance Francophone),
saiz (Team China) and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Ceclo (L'Alliance Francophone),
pons66 (SETI.Germany) and Michael H.W. Weber (Rechenkraft.net),
Daniel (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and LCB001 (Hardware Canucks),
shiva (SETI.USA) and Dmitriy Otroschenko (Ukraine),
SERGEY (Crystal Dream) and Dingo (BOINC@AUSTRALIA),
respawner (Rechenkraft.net) and sentient_life (AMD Users),
Shmya-2 (Crystal Dream) and GLeeM (TeAm AnandTech),
owensse (The Planetary Society) and Andreas64,
Tuna Ertemalp (Microsoft) and Joern Gerken (Gridcoin),
phoenicis ([H]ardOCP) and mikey (The Final Front Ear),
[AF>Libristes]MortelKni (L'Alliance Francophone) and UBT - Timbo (UK BOINC Team),
Coleslaw ([H]ardOCP) and [AF>Belgique]Mamouth (L'Alliance Francophone),
RFGuy_KCCO ([H]ardOCP) and Rhodan71 (L'Alliance Francophone),
europe64 (europe64) and ReaDy (Astronomy.Ru Forum),
Chris Skull (AMD Users) and arkiss,
Skivelitis2 (BOINCstats) and lydy1993 (Team China),
ale4316 (Ukraine) and DoctorNow (BOINC@Heidelberg),
citerra (Russia Team) and [AF>HFR>RR] alipse (L'Alliance Francophone),
Henk Haneveld (Dutch Power Cows) and Astronomy.Karelia (Karelia),
purplecfh (SETI.USA) and [H]Skillz ([H]ardOCP),
Международная база наблюдений комет (Karelia) and Odicin (BOINC Confederation),
KR Center (Karelia) and [AF>France>IDF]Lic (L'Alliance Francophone),
Kalomel (BOINC@Poland) and Conan (Cobar Spiders),
rebel9 and scole of TSBT (Anguillan Pirates),
gaballus (BOINC@Poland) and B Johansson (AMD Users),
[AF>Amis des Lapins] Xe120 (L'Alliance Francophone) and freestman (Team China),
Codedependent (Australian Atheists) and jiri kovar (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
Sussie (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic) and JugNut (BOINC@AUSTRALIA),
the-who (Team China) and [AF>Kirass>MPF] Kikiphil (L'Alliance Francophone).


[H]ard|DCer of the Year - 2014
Jan 29, 2006
Dear participants,

January is over and we summarize the results, that have been received after 9th January - second January results bunch. 2333 results with ODLS pairs have been recieved and they found by 138 participants:

[SG-FC] hl (SETI.Germany) and damotbe (L'Alliance Francophone),
Odd-Rod (BOINCstats) and jozef j (Russia Team)
Ralfy (BOINC Confederation) and Dmitriy Otroschenko (Ukraine),
Daniel (BOINC@Poland) and [H]Skillz ([H]ardOCP),
steverocky (The Final Front Ear) and firstomega (Rechenkraft.net),
[AF>Libristes]MortelKni (L'Alliance Francophone) and xyzzy (BOINCstats),
HK-Steve (Crunching@EVGA) and JagDoc (Planet 3DNow!),
[AF>Amis des Lapins] Ceclo (L'Alliance Francophone) and Hartmut 53,
[AF>HFR>RR] alipse (L'Alliance Francophone) and the-who (Team China),
[AF>Amis des Lapins] Phil1966 (L'Alliance Francophone) and DrBob (USA),
[AF>FAH-Addict.net]toTOW (L'Alliance Francophone) and Andreas64,
Dingo (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and shiva (SETI.USA),
JugNut (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and Frenky Picasso (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
purplecfh (SETI.USA) and [AF>Kirass>MPF] Kikiphil (L'Alliance Francophone),
saiz (Team China) and mikey (The Final Front Ear),
http://vk.com/boinc (Karelia) and LCB001 (Hardware Canucks),
Coleslaw ([H]ardOCP) and ClaudiusD (Rechenkraft.net),
vaughan (AMD Users) and pons66 (SETI.Germany),
Skywalker@Athens (Macedonia is Greek!) and Anguillan Pirate (Anguillan Pirates),
Crunch3r (BOINC United) and philip-in-hongkong,
[AF] Skinny06 (L'Alliance Francophone) and vanos0512 (BOINC@Taiwan),
B Johansson (AMD Users) and GLeeM (TeAm AnandTech),
ReaDy (Astronomy.Ru Forum) and Sussie (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
Chris Skull (AMD Users) and Argento (BOINC@Poland),
SERGEY (Crystal Dream) and peeta (Czech National Team),
Enrico29 (Gridcoin) and jiri kovar (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
[AF>Belgique]Mamouth (L'Alliance Francophone) and STE\/E (BlackOps),
Международная база наблюдений комет (Karelia) and arkiss,
Michael H.W. Weber (Rechenkraft.net) and evatutin (kvt.kurskstu),
freestman (Team China) and citerra (Russia Team),
SerGiani (Russia Team) adn Pushok (Russia Team),
Astronomy.Karelia (Karelia) and ShmyaCluster (Crystal Dream),
bill brandt-gasuen and bcavnaugh (Crunching@EVGA),
Conan (Cobar Spiders) and lydy1993 (Team China),
Matthias Lehmkuhl (SETI.Germany) and Kalomel (BOINC@Poland)m
PhilTheNet (L'Alliance Francophone) and PDW (OcUK - Overclockers UK),
[AF>France>Astro]Julien Leconte (L'Alliance Francophone) and fsclavo,
[SG-2W]Kurzer (SETI.Germany) and FourOh (SETI.USA),
Shmya-2 (Crystal Dream) and phoenicis ([H]ardOCP),
boceli (Czech National Team) and Stephen Uitti (Project Blue Book),
hoarfrost (Crystal Dream) and Joern Gerken (Gridcoin),
KWSN-SpongeBob SquarePants (The Knights Who Say Ni!) and fix,
Daniel (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and Vincent Dark (Team China),
Mumps [MM] (SETI.USA) and gaballus (BOINC@Poland),
McShane of TSBT (Anguillan Pirates) and igos,
ext2097 (SETIKAH@KOREA) and RFGuy_KCCO ([H]ardOCP),
Karelian Center for Gender Studies (Karelia) and KR Center (Karelia)
nenym (Czech National Team) and robbysites (Crunching@EVGA),
Dune Finkleberry (The Final Front Ear) and owensse (The Planetary Society),
respawner (Rechenkraft.net) and Rhodan71 (L'Alliance Francophone)
Stavebni firma Bostik Porici (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic) and entigy,
[DPC] hansR (Dutch Power Cows) and bfromcolo (Overclock.net),
UBT - Timbo (UK BOINC Team) and meadoel (BOINCstats),
polarbeardj (Crunching@EVGA) and Odicin (BOINC Confederation),
[SG]ATA-Rolf (SETI.Germany) and Oleg (Russia Team),
Morgan the Gold and JonS (UK BOINC Team),
kavamaken and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Xe120 (L'Alliance Francophone)
cpuid (SETI.Germany) and eisler jiri (Czech National Team),
qiang ge and Wabi CZ (Czech National Team),
ale4316 (Ukraine) and Gallego (Galicia)
Shaman (Czech National Team) and Vit Kliber (Czech National Team),
xıoɴʏᴄ and [AF>Libristes]cguillem (L'Alliance Francophone),
MajkPascal (BOINC@Poland) and Tuna Ertemalp (Microsoft),
vinn@[CNT] (Czech National Team) and Jeff17 (BOINCstats),
Gusek (Russia Team) and Sergey Z (Russia Team),
zzuupp (TeAm AnandTech) and 1scorpion (Czech National Team),
Choljah and Pete Broad (BOINC Synergy),
joe carnivore (Planet 3DNow!) and Dario666 (BOINC@Poland),
sergamena (Russia Team) and SerVal (Russia Team)!


[H]ard DCOTM x2
Dec 27, 2015
A bit late but in April, I found 20 pairs of orthogonal diagonal Latin squares.



[H]ard DCOTM x2
Dec 27, 2015
Got my last rank 9 badge for month on Jun. That's a wild rose/rosehip flower.

It seems like there are less than 200 crunchers (158 to be exact of this moment) for rank 10. It used to be 200+. Some folks probably dropped off perhaps due to poor credits or ODLS pairs of rank 10 are really hard to find.