Raised Floor Server Room Tiles

Mar 15, 2002
Hey guys.

I need to get in touch with someone that can sell me some floor tiles for a network room. We need to replace a about 50 tiles in our raised floor rooms and I'm looking for a good distributer any of you guys may have worked with in the past.

Don't know if this is really against the rules or not. If so, I apologize.

Feb 16, 2006
See if you can buy direct. For these types of things, distributors will mark up an arm and a leg. Unless the person installing has zero experience. In that case, contact a flooring contractor to do the work.

Keep in mind that a lot of those old floors were tile over with VCT that typically used asbestos in the mastic. If the building is newer, then you shouldnt have anything to worry about, but either case, cover your butt.