Radeon 9800xt on its second last wings?


Limp Gawd
Dec 13, 2003
I've owned a Radeon 9800xt from ASUS nearly since it came out, and it gave me absolutely no problems at all.

Untill, one fateful day, there was a power surge. No biggie, restart. While playing Everquest 2: Trials of the Island, the computer crashes in mid frame. I've never seen it do this before, and I'm a bit worried to say the least. Restart. I notice that while Windows is in its loading screen, the small scrolling train of three squares is distorted in ruined. I am welcomed to the login screen by a horrendously distorted login screen, like someone decided to use the "blur" tool in a program like photoshop or IRFANview on the display.

This was a major issue, so I started up in safemode, intent on reinstalling the drivers. Under VGA mode and Safe mode, the computer displayed the same symptoms - horrible blurriness. Any move I made to uninstall the drivers was completely thwarted - I simply couldnt see what I was doing.

A few aggravating nights later, I install a Geforce MX4400 to suprising results - no graphical errors at all. Not in AGP mode, safe mode, or any mode. I return the ATI card immediately to Asus, and MONTHS later, they finally get back to me.

Tonight, I plugged in the newly returned ASUS 9800XT graphics card to the same problems as before, with absolutely nothing even remotely different. This leads me to believe the problem is software - can anyone help me?

ABIT IC7 Max3 Motherboard
Intel P4E 3.0GHZ (non-overclocked)
Mushkin Black lvl 2 PC3500 Ram, 1gb
Geforce MX4400, ATI Radeon 9800xt from ASUS.
Antec 550 Truecontrol Powersupply
First thing I would do is use DriverCleaner and remove the drivers you were using totally then reinstall the latest to see if that will help. When the computer rebooted you could have a corrupted a file used in the drivers.
You said Power Surge... Try another Power Supply, or check the AGP speed, make sure it is at 66mhz.
Your new card could be bad too. I have a Gainward FX5900 ultra that i have returned 4 times and is due for another trip back to Gainward. Each of the cards i got from them has been messed up one way or another.