Radeon 9800 Pro $209

Shipping is 7.50, newegg has the Sapphire 9800pro (basically same thing) for $215.
ATI reference cards are usually always more expensive. Sapphire are among the cheapest with PowerColor. The ones from ATI have 3 year warrantys. I believe the sapphire and powercolor only have 1 year.
Where are those warranties posted? I was looking and didn't see anything. I couldn't find a difference between the sapphire oem or the retail either.
It's not the same thing. The one on directron that you posted is a powercolor 9800SE....that's worse (if I remember correctly than the 9800np and certianly much worse than the 9800 pro)...the one on this thread was talking about was also built by ATI.
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Xtremegear has oem ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB video cards on sale for $209.

damn, that's cheap.

good post!

(just bought the one from newegg, wish I had seen this one sooner.)
you can get a retail from compusa this week

$299- 70 Instant rebate - 30 mailin = $199 :D
which are higher quality

built by ATI (whats in this thread?) --- or --- Sapphire.

since the few bucks difference doesnt matter

that 176$ card is overpriced

ultimately ill wait till HL2 before i buy a card, since there are now games i play now that dont run great.
but he is asking why they are a few dollars less, if they are the samething. im buying a 9800 pro soon, and i would also like to know. i always thought of sapphire as a high quality manufacturer, but why the fuck are they cheaper if they are better than the ATI version...
They aren't really better then the ATI version. Yes Sapphire manufacters alot of ATI's cards but that doesn't mean the cards are identical. The ATI cards usually overclock the best and they have the 3 year warrantys. The majority of consumers by the ATI version so Sapphire has to make the product cheaper in order to sell.
That's an awesome deal!

Just wondering if anyone bought it from here? I wonder how good is this reseller.
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That's an awesome deal!

Just wondering if anyone bought it from here? I wonder how good is this reseller.

buyxtreme gear is a great company. I have spent thousands of dollars with them and got everything in a timely matter and great pricing!