[R9 290X] Asus direct cu ii OC - capacitor values


Oct 17, 2019
i got an abused r9 290x card from a friend that was running a non standard bios, it seems to have taken a hit on the fans and the backside of the IR3550 (decoupling?) capacitors.
They were all cracked / blown out completely and i had to remove some of the small ones too.

I was wondering whether or not anyone here has a clue which values these originally were?


Cant link the datasheet for some reason but its on infineons website.
search for ir3550.pdf

I assume the big cap is sitting between VIN and GND and could be the 10uF from the datasheet (as it appears to be the same physical footprint on the top)?
The small one could be the 0.22uF then?
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