R8500 Antenna Came Apart How to fix?

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Jun 12, 2001
Posted this is the Netgear Communities forum but no useful replies yet so I'm trying here

Hi there long time Netgear user (My first newly bought router was my WNDR4500) anyway I bought a used R8500 router online and it was packed too well as in I was unwrapping it from it's bubble wrap (in a box in a box) and two of the plastic pieces around 2 of the antennas came off.

I don't think they are broken but the antenna board does not just slide in like I thought and I don't want to force it and break it if I didn't already.

How do these go back together?

Left is the antenna shell right is the router and 2 antenna boards.

Thank You

PS Pardon my mess my maid and butler quit!



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Mar 22, 2015
From what I can tell, you just have to slide them on until they meet the base and click onto the two divits. You're right that you don't want to force it as those antennas have little ics all over them that can get knocked off. I would shine a flashlight into the shell and see if they're directional or have a guide for the board or something like that. They can't be that hard to assemble them since sweatshop people are doing it for peanuts overseas during the manufacturing process.