QX6700 Acceptable Temps


Dec 20, 2002
My cpu is running at around 61c idle. Is that acceptable? seems a little warm to me.
update, reseated the heatsink, now idle at 52, 51, 55, 50, a little more in line with what im thinking it should be.

I don't know. I would never trust the heatsink that comes with a processor. I figure If I am gonna shell out a couple hundred bucks for a good processor then I might as well shell out a few more for a good heatsink.

btw I am running a E6600 overclocked and it idles at 40C
your temps seem ok for a quad at stock with a stock hs/f. what vcore is it running at? many mainboards will set the default vcore higher than the vid of the cpu.
How did you apply the TIM ? please follow the AS5 instructions to apply tim for quads.
Those temps are almost exactly what I got with my qx6700 and stock cooler. When I switched to the zalman 9700 the temps went down in the 40s' I now just changed to the ultra120 extreme and my cpu idles at 33 degrees and the four cores are between 35-45 degrees with the cpu being overclocked to 3200. I would recommend any quad owner getting an aftermarket cooler even if your not going to overclock. If you could find a way set both of those 8800 gtx fans to 100% that would lower your case temps and help also. I can adjust my fan speed with rivatuner but I don't know if it will in sli. My temps are with everest also
mmm... for my Q6600 it idle @ around 38 - 40 C with stock heatsink and after lapping my cpu (it had concave)... ur is around 10 C higher than normal.

lap ur cpu imo cuz u might have concaved ihs just like mine? :p

right now, i am using Thermalright X120 Extreme heatsink to oc my cpu. max load for it is around avg of 60C for all core. run just fine for me lol.
i get 33~35c with a q6600 @ 3.0ghz with a stock HS, and on load i run about 45~50c. i guess i got a good proc?
lol srry no sell, but now i think about it
i'm on my laptop like 90% of the time now lol.

but srry i refuse to go back to a PD