Quick Windows 2008 AD Setup

Dec 5, 2003
I need to build an AD to store 85-100 user accounts/passwords for 2-3 file servers I am setting up. Further, my clients are on public IP addresses that are DHCP-assigned. They would like to use remote desktop, however their IP address shifts time to time when the lease expires. So I need to expose my AD-integrated DNS server to the internet for name resolution. I just want a few opinions in regard to this simple setup. I will be joining workstations another day, just want to get the file servers up and running.

1x Windows 2008 Std. Global Catalog Server on Dell PE 1950
1x Windows 2008 Std. Global Catalog Backup Server as a Virtual Machine in ESX

Both of these servers will be on public IP addresses behind a hardware firewall (Fortigate) allowing only DNS through. I will also be utilizing the Windows Firewall on the DCs. Any thoughts about this configuration?


[H]F Junkie
Jul 19, 2004
For a business setup, a static IP account would be desired. Until it can be upgraded, you can do a bandaid by using a dynamic DNS service.

I'd not want my domain controllers exposed to the internet in any way. I don't see how exposing its DNS would allow remote users to resolve the IP of the office network anyways.