Quick and easy overclock for a 12700kf and Asus Z690-P D4 Wifi board?


May 31, 2003
What is the best way to get a quick and easy overclock on a 12700kf and Asus Z690-P D4 Wifi board?

I am running at high performance power profile in Win 11 and would like to squeeze out some juice if possible. I have an AIO cooler. Nothing crazy...just a quick bump in speed. I don't want to pour over tomes of how tos. Just a quick one if possible. Thanks!

The easiest one IMO would be to either let the Asus mobo OC it (but it will pump a lot of unnecessary voltage into the CPU => raising your temps) or going into Intel Extreme utility and just changing the multiplier settings. On my CPU I can go with 53x for 4 cores and 50x for 8 cores. Voltage will automatically adjust to 1,3x v. Can share some screens later in the day if needed.

With that being said i just leave the Intel standard setup settings in bios and the CPU is cool and quiet. The performance gains are nothing to write home about and for my case it's not worth it.