Questions on PSU Antec TrueBlue 480W


Apr 17, 2004
Dear bros,

I want a stable current for my rig. That's why I buy the TrueBlue 480W from newegg. I got my relative bring it to VN

My rig comprises of:
+ P4C 2.4 Vcore DF
+ 256MBx2 Corsair TwinX @ Volt DF
+ Raddy 9800 Pro
+ 80GBs Maxtor SATA
+ DVD-ROM Lite-On
+ 1 FDD
+ Fan: 1 x 120mm fan, 0.31A, 1 x 120mm fan 0.45A, 1 x 80mm fan 0.19A

However, the 12V line seems not to be constant. The monitor software shows it only @ 11.8V when idle, as bad as @ 11.7V when PC is at load. Even I use the multimeter to measure, it is not a constant, it is changing from 11.9xV to 11.8xV. While the 12V line of TrueBlue of my friends here are stable.

Would you guy tell what the hell goin' on with my PSU? Do I need to change to TrueControl for a stable current?
publik_en3my said:
Do I need to change to TrueControl for a stable current?

nope the TrueBlue is part of the TruePower line and has the same voltage regulation scheme as the TrueControl, it just has the added control of adjustable rails

youve tried your friends PSU in your rig with stable results?
a comparision would help narrow it down

you should have a ±3% volatge stability
its got a Transient Response of +5V,+12V and 3.3V outputs return to within 3% in less than 1ms for 20% load change. same as the TrueControl

but then you need to consider exactly what that load change is
drives when spinning up require 4 to 5 times their typical draw
(one of the reasons SCSI drives\controllers often have a delayed spinup option)
but from your sig that doesnt look like a problem