Questions for how to get warranty on 2nd hand EVGA card


Dec 13, 2020
I just paid out the rear end for a used EVGA 2080 Ti FTW Ultra. It looked brand new and was hardly used and he lived right down the street. He did register it on the EVGA site when he bought it. So all he has to do is unregister the card and then I can go and register it? He was worried because it gave a pop up while he was unregistering saying the serial number could not be reregistered again if he unregistered the card. I assume the pop up meant not by him but ok for someone else to register it? Also will it ask for any proof of purchase from me when I go to register the card? That would be pretty dumb since it is second hand and I paid cash.
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Aug 16, 2004
I had to deal with this recently and did not get the original receipt from the owner.

He can or cannot unregister the card, it doesn't matter to you as you can register it either ways (each serial can be registered twice I believe). They don't need the original proof of purchase from you, just some sort of documentation that the transaction happened. I just gave them the screenshots of my conversation on offerup with the original owner and EVGA said that was good enough.

Thank you for contacting EVGA. That will be fine if that is all you have. For something more formal, you could use a free invoice template like the one in the link below. Please fill out, save and reupload to your account. You will find the invoice upload option under "Service" on the website.

Please feel free to contact our customer support team via email or by phone at 1(888) 881-3842, 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm pacific time if you have any further questions or concerns.



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Feb 2, 2021
From past experience if you are still in the 3 year windo of card production you can still claim warranty as I think they changed policy around 2080ti time frame. But generally if you can get them on teh phone their support is super helpful in getting you your options.


Nov 12, 2017
Your warranty starts the day it left the factory. So use the serial lookup and it'll tell you if it has warranty. The other portion of the requirement is covered above.