Questions about Using Powershell to creating a REST Service


Jan 20, 2016
We are using powershell 5.1 and Azure/AzureRM.

So I created a post asking a different question about a similar topic, not sure if I should have just posted to that one. If so I am sorry.

So I am working a internship first one and I need to use powershell to create a dummy service, to send to our APIM (API manager).

Not sure if I need to do something in APIM or not to be honest.

The point is to back get back a HTTP response that is 200. I believe this is a way of checking if the APIM is up and running correctly.

Very very new to using REST and Powershell. So any help would be appreciated.

I tried to use Azure API Management Cmdlets hoping one of them simply returned the HTTP status of the APIM but I couldn't find one that does.
So I have been trying to find videos of how to create a service using powershell, I keep finding videos of how to simple run the GET method.
So if anybody can help me I would appreciate it. Whether it is examples, tutorials or videos.