question regaring creating computer object in active directory


Supreme [H]ardness
Nov 19, 2000
up until now, my firm has been joining computers to the domain, which creates the computer object for you. we'd like to change this to pre-creating the computer object so the object can be moved into the correct security group before the computer joins the domain. i tried to create the computer object first and then join the domain as that computer name, but i got an error that said the computer name already exists and it was going to join the domain as the old name. is there a policy for doing this right? how does active directory know that the computer i'm joining with is the one i want coupled with the computer account i've already created?


[H]F Junkie
Jul 25, 2008
how many times have you tried this?
and are you changing the name, rebooting, then joining the domain?

we're in the process of migrating departments over to a new domain, and have came across a few issues.

When computer accounts are manually created, I've came across a few where I could not join that computer to the new domain, without first deleting and recreating the computer object manually. Otherwise I got an "Access Denied" error message.

There should be no problem doing this, though.