Question on how to fix a bad voice recording


Dec 2, 2009
Hey guys,

So one of my colleagues was trying to record a meeting and did record a file but apparently their phone was next to their notebook / papers and there's the sound of paper rustling that's louder than the sound of the people talking (drowning it out). The original file is in AAC (from a Samsung Note IIRC) but I also have it in mp3 (just converted it).

Is there anyway to fix this in windows? Say using Audacity or AVS Audio Editor? I'm looking at the file in either of the above apps and can see where the huge paper rustling sounds are.

Any ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
Rustle the same papers in reverse and mix them in the original recording to eliminate the sound.

Ok, I was being teazy. I think you'll have a hard time fixing it. You can of course mute or suppress the rustling bits in Audacity but you'll mute everything else also. You could try to EQ down all frequencies except human voice in the bits that the papers are heard (85-500hz) and see if that helps.
Thanks man - hehe if only!

Yeah I figured I'd give it a shot yesterday. Loaded up Audacity and AVS Audio something or other. Tried fiddling with the EQ and noise reduction which helped a bit but ... damn if the guy didn't have his phone right next to whoever was rustling the papers.

I love how some people assume "the guy that likes computers" knows how to xyz the kitchen sink, including audio files ... I'm not an audio engineer man jeebus!