Question - Dual Powerline Networks


Dec 8, 2005
Hey guys, I'd appreciate some input from you networking gurus on something.

Right now, I've got kind of a hybrid network at home. Our only cable line comes in through the garage and so we have the following setup:


cablemodem (comcast 16mbit) -> D-Link DR-655 router -> powerline (homeplug AV 200mbit)

upstairs --> powerline adapter -> Netgear N router
upstairs2 --> 4port powerline adapter -> ps3 / pc1 / pc2

The upstairs router and the downstairs router are 2 diff wifi networks, though the upstairs router is just getting the signal from downstairs. All this is because our house seems to be wifi proof and it's difficult to have one wireless router serve the whole house.

Both my dad and I work at Cisco and are planning on getting a Cisco vpn router so we don't have to login to vpn all the time. I believe it's a Cisco 871 CVO - so I'm trying to see if I can have a similar setup using powerline adapters and a 2nd upstairs router.

There is another powerline standard that isn't compatible with Homeplug AV (simply Homeplug I think?) So I was wondering if I could have a separate powerline lan using those adapters. Would the two powerline lans conflict with each other even though the devices would ignore each other?

Or should I simply use a d-link repeater I have laying around and use that to repeat the cisco router signal?

Sorry I know it sounds convoluted. It's quite possible that the Cisco router will simply give a better signal than the soho routers I have, but just trying to formulate a plan B, as I usually work upstairs when I telecommute.