Question about Threadripper Pro processors


Limp Gawd
Dec 26, 2009
I'm confused about the Threadripper pro processors. I thought you were only supposed to be able to buy them directly from pre-built computer companies.

How come at Microcenter they have the Pro versions for sale? Does this mean that you would be able to buy the Threadripper 5000 series for a home build if they are released pro version only?
AMD has not officially announced anything yet dealing with Threadripper 5000 series or if they will go straight to 6000 series. Threadripper Pro 5000 series leak/rumour may exist but then it could also turn into a 6000 series skew, who knows besides AMD and a few others about what is coming? If AMD wants to keep the Pro's, get more Pro's onboard, I would think both updated improved Threadripper and Pro versions will be coming.
TR Pro was released to the channel a while back. It's important to note, however, that they are neither Threadrippers nor compatible with TRX40 motherboards - rather, they are EPYCs (8 channels, 128 PCI-e lanes) with higher clocks and a few lanes reserved for a chipset.
Pretty much all you can get now too.

Compatibility with any Zen 3 versions is unknown. It’s likely, but anything aimed at business use (ie the mobos) doesn’t generally expect people to upgrade. You just depreciate and bin it.