Question about mydlink Home app


Jan 21, 2012
I have a D-Link DSP-W215 Smart Plug and use the mydlink Home app to control it. I have the Smart Plug set up to control our living room lamp. I normally just go into the app and turn the light on if were out somewhere and it gets dark. That way the light will be on when we get home and it'll look like someone is at the house.

We're gong to be going out of town for a few days coming up and I wanted to set up a schedule via the app to turn the lamp off and on. But I'm wondering if my phone will need to be on or have service in order for the lamp to be turned off / on?? We're going camping so I know that some days I wont have service and or my phone will be off. So I'm thinking that the app controls the Smart Plug and if my phone is off or doesnt have a signal it cant control the plug. Is this a correct thought or if a schedule is set up will it work weather the phone is on or not?? Thanks in advance.