Question about LSI Raid Card and moving drives to different ports


Limp Gawd
Jul 30, 2012
Hey all:

I have a server (Currently 2012 Essentials) with an LSI 8888ELP raid card, connected to an SE3016 storage expander. I'm managing it with MegaRAID Storage Manager for Windows.

Inside the expander I have 2x 500GB HDD's. Each drive is setup as it's own raid 0 array (Apparently the 8888ELP doesn't support JBOD passthru - I use the 8888ELP because I got it with the SE3016 for cheap). Each Raid 0 array (basically, each individual drive) is passed through to the computer, to be formatted and used as whatever.

I want to move the location of one of the drives from one slot to a different one inside the SE3016. Will the Raid Card know it's the same drive after I move it? None of the drives are part of a multi-drive array. I just want to move it to a different spot, so I can organize things a bit as I add more drives.

Anyway, when I move the drive, will it just "work", or will I need to reinitialize it?


ps: Total noob with raid cards and expanders.