QoS and Linksys BEFSR41


Mar 15, 2002
So my little network consists of a Moto cable modem, a linksys BEFSR41 swith/router, and a Dlink 10/100 switch. Simple network.

For the server things look like this for it:

Internet ---> Linksys Router ---> DLink Switch ---> Win2k3 Server

Its not directly connected to the router for a reason. For some reason it goes nuts (what ever computer I plug into it....since all but 2 ports are filled)...thats a different issue.

So my friend tells me about QoS...I know/knew what it is, but then he talks about my cable modem being the issue. Basically he connected to my ftp, was uploading a file to it at 200KB/s and then started downloading another file from me which cut the speeds in half :( He mentioned it was to do with the modem buffering packets and what not.

ANYWAYS,,, is there a way to get some kinda QoS service onto my router? I have heard of hacking the router and putting *nix on it (or so one of my friends friends has before...which doesnt surprise me).