QNAP Nas causing Windows Explorer / Apps to become unresponsive


Dec 29, 2005
I have a somewhat strange issue where after a certain length of time, my QNAP nas file server will cause my whole PC to become unresponsive. I have the NAS share set up as a network drive in explorer. When the PC starts becoming unresponsive, turning off the NAS will return performance to normal. Has anyone encountered a similar issue as this?
May 29, 2011
I have been working with QNAP's for seven years and unfortunately I haven't had this particular issue before. I don't know if you're still having the issue but I did some digging and here are some things you can try.
If you have it mapped by hostname, try mapping by IP instead for testing.
One site recommended disabling "Always show icons, never thumbnails" from the View Tab under Folder Options in Explorer.

Which QNAP are you using and which firmware is it running?
Are the QNAP logs reporting anything around that time?
Is there any security software running that might be interfering?
Does anything show up in Windows Event Viewer under System or Application around the time the issue starts?