Q9650 3.0GHz in Q3 to be $525 - What Will Become of the $530 Q9550 2.83GHz?


Limp Gawd
Jan 10, 2005
I have been waiting for the Q9550 since August 2007, and due to a complete patience meltdown and several other factors, I ended up scoring a new retail QX9650 for $700 at the AnandTech trading forums. However, my question is this. According to Fudzilla, the Q9650 3.0GHz (9x multi) is expected to launch in Q3 for $525. The Q9550 2.83GHz is priced at $530 and is in very very small quantity production at the moment. It is barely trickling its way into the European market with less than half a handful in the US market. What is to be the ultimate fate of this CPU if the Q9650 is just around the corner at a cheaper "per 1000 units" price tag?
If Q9650 released I think Q9550 will price drop. It doesn't make sense that Q9550 cost more than Q9650.
The good thing about the Q9650 is the 9x multi. Don't need to bother with 8x/8.5x

Or you could pay twice as much and get the QX9650 :p
oh well..

what is so interesting about it's 9x multi?

its not like this thing will OC to 4ghz +
Good old Intel, aggressive as hell with pricing and taking AMD into the abyss. I so far have been happy with my QX9650. If the Q9650 had been around I'd probably gone with that. But what I really like about the QX is that unlocked multiplier. Is worth $500? Probably not, but I did want an SLI platform, and the 790 sounded so good in the reviews that I just wanted it. I was concerned about the data corruption issue, so I just what the heck, get a QX and just do multiplier overclocking.

Not trying to win any records, just wanted 3.6GHz on air and looks like its working and solid even with the stock cooler, but I'm hitting 70C in spikes so I need to look into a better cooling solution. Still though, 3.6 with just a multiplier and three voltage hikes isn't too bad.
And I noticed you called your QX9650 a "Core 2 Duo Quad" while it's properly identified as a Core 2 Quad Extreme QX9650 3.0GHz :p Nice rig, nonetheless.