Q6600 owners... what is your VID?

Q6600 B3, 1.3125 VID

1.27v actual needed for stable default 2.4Ghz (9x266)

1.32v actual needed for stable 3.2GHz (9x355), able to do on TRUE 120 air cooling.

1.42v actual needed for stable 3.4Ghz (9x377), only stable with water cooling.

1.48v actual needed for stable 3.6GHz (9x400), only possible with water cooling.

Can't get anything beyond 3.6GHz stable at any voltage.
Picked up a few Q6600's from Microcenter. The one I installed for a buddy of mine had a VID of 1.2625v, just like mine. I forgot to get his FPO/BATCH, though its probably the same as mine. Mine is...

Q6600 G0 L744B, VID: 1.2625

VID: 1.2625v
Stepping: B
Revision: G0

Side note: Isnt this info worthless if you have people reporting only their vid and revisions? To get more useful and informative data you should have people post their highest overclocks with core temps, etc etc
09-23-2007, 07:58 AM
Okay all, this will be the final update; please don't post new VID data.

I'm not totally sure the integrity of the data collected is that high. What I mean by that is I have read several reports of different reported VIDs for the same chip on different boards. I have also read about the VID changing based on the speedstep state and other factors.

I started this thread hoping to see some sort of correlation between VID magnitude and vcore @ a given o/c level. I have received mixed reports on this front as well. I think the bottom line is there isn't a correlation between VID and overclockibility.

Since you guys took the time to reply to the post, the least I can do is update the data for the last time:

Replies for B3: 102
Replies for G0: 158
Total replies: 260 (a great response!)

I updated the first post of the thread with the new histograms.

Thanks to all who replied.

Sorry guys, I stopped updating back in Sep of 07.
Q6600 G0, 1.225 VID, maxes at 3.6GHz with 1.4V, idle/load 40/72 with Ultra extreme and 2x120mm fans, low vid doesnt mean good overclocker.
VID 1.2625v

Stepping B Revision G0


Stupid Dell Bios wont let me turn speedstep off :(
G0 SLACR from the Egg about 4 months ago
VID 1.225
Best I can get right now is 400x9 at 1.4v with water/TEC.


currently at 3.4ghz @ 1.325v in the bios, can go much higher but stupid PWMs keep overheating
slacr stepping b rev g0

currently doing 3.0 at 1.072v @ 33c, on the hottest core, with a cm tx2 cooler
Stupid Dell Bios wont let me turn speedstep off :(

Just hit Prime95 on and it will load the CPU and clock it up for a CPU-Z screenshot. There's no advantage to turning off SpeedStep in most situations, you just get a slightly hotter CPU at idle.
how do I get VID under linux?

Edit: Bios seems to indicate 1.2875....could this be right?

So far only mod I did is changing 266 * 9 to 400 * 6 :)

Should be faster with no overclocking, no ?

Gigabyte P35 board.
I have 2 Q6600 G0 Steppings, both VID are 1.25

The first is an L726A849. It does 3200 @ 1.32V and 3600 @ 1.41V

The second is an L744B064. It does 3200 @ 1.3V and it does 3600 @ 1.36V.
I never seem to make it out of the distributed computing forum, but I am glad I did. Since I set up a box with vista I had to give up core temp as it wouldn't work with 64 bit vista. Now they have a new version that is compatible.:D

Q6600@3.2 GHz folding 24/7 for the [H]orde
Stepping: B
Revision: GO
VID: 1.2000
just got one from Microcenter in Cbus,Oh for $200


Initial OC with a DS3 rev1.0 is 9x333 @ 3ghz.
bios set to 1.2250v
Can't seem to get it stable any higher, could be vdroop stopping me since I see it go down to 1.15v in OCCT
it won't boot into windows if I go to 1.275 or higher, but temps aren't the problem. I'm guessing it's the crappy power regulation on this board.
I should pick up a cheap p35 board.
These are the readings for my Q6600-G0.
I OC moderately; 2.88 GHz at FSB=320 MHz

Set CPU voltage in BIOS (P5E-WS) to 1.2250 V

Form CoreTemp: VID = 1.30 V
From CPU-Z: Core Voltage = 1.192 V (ldle), 1.160 V (load)
G0... 1.31v default set by bios
Strange that these numbers are all over the place. Seems like MB/bios sets it to whatever it wants.
I have my Q6600 go sat at 3.6Ghz 24/7 I have 2 ways of getting to 3.6 one is with a 9x multi the other is with an 8x multi, I find 8x multi more stable than 9x even though my fsb is sat at 450!!! anyway my settings are as follows hope this helps somewhat :-

Q6600 Batch number L732A920E4

Vid 1.2625v

8x multi

Asus P5KC Bios 1203
FSB 450
FSB Strap 400
PCIE 100
Vcore 1.325v Bios 1.296v CPUZ
Nb 1.4v

Ram Kingston hyperx 2x2gig sticks
5-5-5-18 2t 1.9v = 900Mhz 1:1
Super Pi 1 million iterations 14 Seconds

Temps 38 Idle/60 Load

9x multi

Asus P5KC Bios 1203
FSB 400
FSB Strap 400
PCIE 100
Vcore 1.325v Bios 1.296v CPUZ
Nb 1.4v

Ram Kingston hyperx 2x2gig sticks
5-5-5-18 2t 1.9v = 900Mhz 1:1
Super Pi 1 million iterations 14 Seconds

Temps 36 Idle/62 Load

I have had this cpu up to 3.8Ghz but ran a little too hot for my liking anyways 3.6Ghz 24/7 is fine for me and a great improvement on stock with a little tweaking




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1.3, mine is stable at either 9x400 or 8x450 at 1.48v. could possibly try lower never really had time.
I don't think dredging up old threads like this one is a bad thing to do. Someone might be looking for the information in this thread in another 6 years, who knows.