Q26. Easy RDP over SSH Instructions

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    Easy RDP over SSH Instructions by farmdwg
    I thought I would throw this out there for those looking for a secure way to use RDP over SSH.

    Since most networks only allow a limited # of ports open to the internet, lets assume port 22 is one of them (for the purpose of this guide). Imgine your spouse or parent has an issue with their PC, typically you'll need to spend many manhours troubleshooting the issue over the phone. By following these instructions you can directly access their machine and fix it remotely (assuming they've got internet access). To accomplish this task you will use RDP to get to the remote network. Initiate an SSH session out of your network over Port 22, and tunnel 3389 within the SSH session.

    Note: on XP when you try to call it tries to connect locally instead of going out the SSH tunnel. Instead just use 3390 for the local port but map it to 3389 at the remote network. This will make more sense in steps 4, 7 and 10.


    XP Pro (Win2k Server with Terminal Services) with Remote Desktop


    1. Go to http://sshwindows.sourceforge.net/ (Package - http://sourceforge.net/project/show...ckage_id=116570) and download OpenSSH for Windows. Install package. Once installed, there is a READ ME/QuickStart that shows you how to create a local group and register your local windows user.

    2. Go to your home router and forward port 22 to your XP Pro system.

    3. Enable Remote Desktop (My Computer - Properties - Remote) on the XP system.

    Following Steps to be done on your work system.

    4. On your XP work system, create the directory 'C:\RDP' and copy the following files to this directory.


    5. Go to C:\RDP and right click on mstsc.exe and select Properties. Change the Compatibility mode to Windows 98/Windows ME and then Click OK.

    6. Go to http://www.mirrors.wiretapped.net/s...y/apps/ssh/SSH/ and download the SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9.exe program. Install it on your work system.

    7 . Launch SSH Secure Shell and go to Edit - Settings - Tunneling. Add an Outgoing tunnel with the following:

    Display Name: RDP
    Type: TCP
    Listen port: 3390 with "Allow Local Connections Only" checked
    Destination Host: the NetBIOS name or IP address of your XP Pro system
    Destination Port: 3389

    8 . Click OK to close the Settings box.

    9 . Use quick connect and use the following:

    Host Name:
    User Name: the windows user that you use to log into your XP Pro system
    Port: 22

    You need the IP address of your router's public ip address. I use www.dyndns.org configured on my router. So then I can just use myname.gotdns.com. If your router doesn't support one of the dynamic DNS providers, the software client will work as well.

    When connecting accept the host key and then use your XP Pro system's password when prompted.

    10. Once SSH has connected, launch Remote desktop from C:\RDP\mstsc.exe and use the following:


    Also, go to the Options tab -> Experience and selelct Broadband for connection speed.
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