Puzzler: find files dialog


Limp Gawd
Nov 12, 2004
So, I hate the windows xp category function in explorer, and whenever I install Windows one of the first things that I do is switch the file search style to the old windows 2000 look.

At some time in the past something strange happened... the "search" selection in the start menu stopped working. I can get to search through an instance of explorer fine (which is what I usually do anyway, which is why I have no idea when this whole thing started) but going through the start menu and clicking "search" yields absolutely no action.

Anyone have any idea about this? I'm guessing reshack or a registry entry controls this functionality, but truth be told I have yet to find a resource that points to what exactly the "find files" dialog is running, but my best guess is that it's actually a binary search tree style algorithm in explorer, and not necessarily given a public interface. But of course I'm no win32 developer, so I have no idea.