PSU Recommendation for HTPC


Limp Gawd
Sep 26, 2006
Ok. Here are the specs of what I will have when completed,
need to know the best possible PSU for the lowest price.

7800GT Video card for HDCP
1gig or 2gigs of ram
C2D 1.86ghz, I believe it's the E6300
3 HDs (1 250gig Maxtor Sata, 1 200gig Maxtor Sata, and 1 WD 320gig Sata)
1 DVD Rom and 1 DVD Burner
HDTV Tuner (no idea which one yet)
and C2D mobo (no idea there either)

What kind of PSU should I get to run all of this, and possibly contain another HD if necessary?
XClio 450BL, Xclio Goodpower 500, Corsair HX 520, Seasonic S12 430.
That Corsair does look perfect. Can I get some time frames on how long you've used it, if there have been any issues?

I know PSUs are very important and do not want to get one that a year from now will crap out. As someone mentioned in the PSU list, Dell does have good PSUs because I'm using a 350W from them off a old Dell and it runs my x300, Ehomewonder, 3.2ghz P4, Abit Fatality, 2gig of ram, 200gig and 250gig HD without any problems.

Thanks for the help.
For an HTPC u need quiet and XCLIO is not quiet.

Do the Corsair or try a Seasonic (s-12 series)..

Cheapeast decent quiet? Probably Ante Neo series = not slighlty lower quality of Seasonic.
corsair hx is the best bang for the buck, and quietest is what i am hearing, am i correct?
Best bang for buck. It meets all 3 requirements: bang for buck, quiet, high quality. In most cases, it's pick 2. Not in the HX 520's case, it does it very well.