PSU fan rattling, need opinions


Oct 25, 2006
Ok so i built my pc a year ago and after a couple months i noticed a rattling noise.
after testing all the fans it was obvious it was the psu fan, when i took the psu out the case and would spin the fan with my finger i could hear the rattling.

So naturally i rmaed, which i must say was the worst rma experience i ever had. Silverstone constantly lied to me about when my psu would be shipped out and when i would get it back. Plus the rma took a month.

When i received my new psu it seemed fine but after a while i could hear the rattling.

Now, the rattling is not that loud and you probably wouldnt even notice it, but if you put your ear to the psu you can definitively hear it. If i REALLY listen for it i can hear it while just using the pc, but during gaming its unnoticeable because of all the other fans running at higher speeds.

It not so much the noise thats bothering me as much as the fact that something is wrong.

I really don't want to go through the rma process again, especially since it took so damn long last time. I would replace the fan myself but there aren't many 135mm fans to choose from plus the only ones on newegg have terrible reviews.

What would you guys do in this situation?


Supreme [H]ardness
Nov 28, 2008
slap on a 120mm fan instead, or a 140mm on the outside of the psu, no matter what you do its not going to fit properly, but if you get a slightly higher rpm 120mm fan for the psu then you shouldn't have any problems (just don't touch the caps)