PSA: Be aware of rigid tubing inner diameter.

Feb 6, 2013
I recall a post here on these forums asking for help with bends that were collapsing/flattening. The usual responses were given, add more heat, no that's too much heat etc. After a few builds I have settled on 14mm OD as my size of choice, am real familiar with it and have two or three silicone inserts for that size tubing. With the build I just completed I was having a terrible problem with flat bends. While i could, on occasion, get a decent looking bend It was far to difficult and I was throwing out too many mistakes. I couldnt figure it out as I was using the same tubing size and tools I had for two previous builds, or so i thought. After looking at order history I realized I had bought bitspower tubing rather than my usual barrow. The inner diameter on the bitspower tubing is a full 1mm larger (11mm) than that of the barrow tubing (10mm.) This meant all of my silicone inserts were too small for the bitspower tubing and that caused the tubes to flatten during bends. If you use this bitspower tubing you must use their silicone insert I am just mentioning this because bitspower is the only company that uses these thinner walled tubes as far as I can tell, I am not sure why.


Jun 11, 2005
My bends are far superior, super solid, and they'll never fail, not to mention they're very stylish. I'm using XSPC, which I believe they have the highest rating for being the clearest tubing, so they say.


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