PS3 media server stopped working


Fully [H]
Jul 12, 2007
not sure if this is the correct section for this but I have a PC that runs PS3 media server. It was working fine until yesterday and now I can't get either of my PS3 to find the server.

Nothing on the PC changed at all, i've restarted it since and restarted the ps3 media server and nothing. I have no idea what to check.

both PS3s have internet access and can be seen on the network as can the PC.

windows firewall is off.
i also just upgraded it to version 1.9x and now it just says no renderers
I had the same issue with PS3MS and was never able to figure it out.

I highly suggest going over to Plex. It works great on the PS3
can you link to plex?

I'm on Vista also if that matters. Just sucks that it had been working just fine for like 2 years now.
can you link to plex?

I'm on Vista also if that matters. Just sucks that it had been working just fine for like 2 years now.

link? Like a link to the page? (I assume not, but not quite sure what you mean lol)

Anyway, it can do direct playback, real-time transcoding and seems, in general, more stable the PS3MS was. I use it for other devices in my house (AppleTV and using it remotely via the web interface), but my GF's kids use their PS3's to watch shows I have on my server and it works great. IIRC, any version of windows should work fine.
Looks like it is just this PC...Its like this computer, although on the network, is not on the network. Nothing can see it and it can't see anything else....

Hate this kind of shit.
think something is broken in the network file sharing and/or network discovery.
Can you telnet to your server on port 5001? (You won't get any usable data over such a connection, but basically you're just looking for the connection itself to not immediately fail)
Plex is junk on the ps3. Stick to using universal media server. I had to change my port to 6001. The default 5001 didn't work for me
my ps3 media server has been struggling the past few months. crashing, java running wild etc

im going to try ples again.
Honestly... IMO, the way that the PS3 handles most streaming sucks compared to other options. Be it Plex, XBMC or PS3MS... unless it's native like Netflix and what have you. It's ugly, clunky and doesn't handle certain tasks well (fast forwarding sucks.. especially high bitrate media)... it usually works though so it's still an acceptable playback device.

The advantage to using Plex though, is that its rock solid stable and because it runs on so many different platforms, you can always have your library with you. I have access to my Plex library on my phone, PS3, tablet, laptop, desktop, streaming box (AppleTV and such) and also anywhere you have access to a web browser. It still has it's limitations (no playlists) but it's a great 'jack of all trades' media server software.