PS2 Trade-in


Dec 14, 2004
Can you still trade in a PS2 at ebgames? I heard it was pulled off shelves, so does that mean gamestop or ebgames will refuse to buy your PS2 from you? If not, how much can I get for it if anyone knows? I need to scrape together some money for Forza Motorsport and the Fanatec wheel.
im thinking of the same thing. trading-in mine for an Xbox. after i played Splinter Cell Chaos Theory on it, i wondered why i ever bought a copy for PS2 :(.
Why trade it in? You're going to get screwed. What do they pay for a used PS2? $20?
Keep it. Even though it's a piece of shit, you'll be mad a few years down the road when you want to play an old game on it.
yeah you can trade it in, Trade it in with 3 games and you get 100 instore credit. without games its 70 for a working as long as it hasnt been opened or modded
why to people sell their old systems?? i still have all of mine. snes still kicks all kinds of ass.
Sega Saturn + NiGHTS + Burning Rangers + Panzer Dragoon 1, 2, Saga + Shining Force 3 = Win.
If you have a Blockbuster Video in your area they will give you a better deal.
Will they give me in-store credit or money in some form? I am looking to purchase the Fanatec wheel, and I don't think Blockbuster carries it. The only place I have seen it available is Gamestop, but I can't find anything about their trade-in process.