PS2 or PS3? Or wait.


Oct 24, 2004
I'm debating to buy a PS2 or a PS3, or just to keep my broken 360 and wait for a replacement. I really would like to play my existing PS2 games and PS1 games, I also would really like to try Resistance and Motorstorm (I'm not much of a race gamer, but it sounds/looks like Flatout, which I really enjoy). I would really be looking for PS3 exclusive games to sway me towards buying a PS3 since I already have a Wii and a 360 (soon to be replaced/fixed). I would really like to be able to try God of War, which is why I would want to buy a PS2. The real question is, are the current games available only for the PS3 worth buying a PS3 over a PS2. With the recent (or impending) price cuts in Blu-ray hardware, I'm also trying to figure out if it is worth waiting for the PS3 to go down in price.

Curious of your input, both from the PS3 die-hard gamers, and from people who like 360. Hell, I'll take suggestions from anyone. I'm just a bit lost in all the possibilities. I have money for a PS3 or PS2, but obviously I don't want to waste money just to see all the PS3 games be released on the 360.

Thanks in advance.
I'd say wait a bit more since there is a lot of rumors lately about a price cut. Although it's most likely sounding like a $50 dollar cut so is that enough reason for you to wait?

Buying a PS3 for PS2 games is fine. It's a pretty solid machine and seeing how you have the other two also, basically you just have everything available to you.

Bottom Line: It's not a bad buy especially in you position.
I'd personally like to pick up a ps3 as well for 2 reasons:

1. Play some of the cool ps2 games I never got to play
2. Get it instead of a ps2 for #1 so that I can play both ps2 and the future good ps3 titles.

Note in #2 I said future good ps3 titles. I can't justify 600 bucks for future potential. (don't get me wrong...PS3 will have some awesome must play titles in the future). By the time there are that many titles worth having though, the system might be cheaper.

For now, I'm sticking with my 360, since most games are multiplatform and the 360 imo has the better exclusives right now. Once there are 5-6 must haves, I'll pick up a ps3 as well, but that won't be for a while. If heavenly sword, lair, ff, mgs, and others turn out how they should though, ps3 will be more than worth the buy for me. And I'll get to play God of War 1,2, and a fleet of other cool ps2 games on it too.

If I can keep from playing mass effect, bioshock, overlord, too human, blue dragon, eternal sonata, and so forth ;)
Also consider the big titles that are coming for the ps3 in the short term are multiplatform, such as Assassin's Creed and GTAIV. If you wiki or google the ps3 exclusives, there'll be some real AAA games in the next year or so though. Believe me, not trying to shit on the ps3, it just needs time to mature, and why pay the premium right now while waiting for it to season itself well?
I would agree, picking up a PS2 is almost a no-brainer, you can get one used very cheap, and out of any platform it has the most "must-have" games.

The PS3 is a very nice system too, I really like mine, but I end up using it more as a Blu-Ray player more than a gaming system because I work long hours and don't have a lot of time for getting really into a game other than a quick roung of Madden '07 online here and there. Of course, when FFXIII hits that will be a different story.
Can pick up a PS2 for next to nothing now. Would probably do that then get a PS3 when the price drops and there are some more good games for it.

I reckon I'll likely pick one up at the start of next year... but not if they haven't dropped the price by then (I'm guessing they pretty much have to).
The gamestop/eb games in my area are giving an additional $100 off the PS3 if you trade in your PS2 w/ 2 controllers and a memory card. Might be a good option if anyone has one lying around.
BAH! as always to threads like the cash? get it! ....if you're into movies get the ps3. upscaling and bd ftw!
Heh, I guess I'm just delirious since I don't have my trusty (not really, it's broken twice) 360. I'll wait until price drops or some better games come out, I may hit up ebay for a PS2 tho, I haven't had the opportunity to play GoW or GoW2 yet, they sound like great games.

Thanks for all your input, and for not going "ZOMG PS3 SUXX0rZ Lawl!!1one"
the xbox 360 maybe better in graphics than the ps3, but the ps3 is better in graphics than the ps2.
Just get a ps2 for now and wait it out. Better games might end up on the wii or 360 than the ps3 since i heard more exclusives are being cut from them. ;)
Man if you have an HDTV go with the PS3 :D

Not only have I been getting down on tons of PS2 games... I've got to play a few of the new PS3 games (MotorStorm and R:FoM... really looking forward to Ninja Gaiden and Lair) at the same time... have been watching a ton of movies. Ever since this new update I've been watching all my old DVD's in 1080p.... brings new life to some movies ;)

If you have the money I would get the PS3.. if you are strapped for cash get the PS2 :D
the xbox 360 maybe better in graphics than the ps3, but the ps3 is better in graphics than the ps2.

Most experts have rules that the 360 and PS3 are pretty much equal when it comes to graphics, and if anything the PS3 has a slight edge.

I still recommend the PS3 as a purchase for a good Blu-Ray player and while it has some decent games (not really a fan of Resistance Fall of Man, I am just not big into FPS games) it is a great value for movies, the games it has, and full backwards compatibility for PS2 and PS1 games.
Good stuff, I never really took graphics into consideration (gasp!), I'm really just worried about gameplay. Hell, half the fun at parties comes from playing Bomberman '93 on the Wii. I'm a huge fan of the FPS genre tho, if Resistance will take Halo's place or oust Gears of War, then it just may make buying a PS3 worth it. As far as HDTV, I have this 20" monitor, but I really plan on putting it on one of the four 480p inFocus projectors I have set up. I may watch movies on one of my 1080i TV's, but I really don't plan on buying Blu-Ray discs, I just don't have the cash for that yet, especially if HD-DVD reigns supreme. I really just don't know much about the PS3, for all the PS3 owners out there, how are the internets capabilities? Also, what games actually support 7 players?

Thanks still... I should really re-title the thread to "I don't know anything about PS3's, educate me."