Property Dimensions Web application


Oct 2, 2005
I'm trying to help my software developer come up with a way to determine property dimensions for a subject property. I know its possible because other competing softwares have it. See image below. Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated:

I guess you'll have to be specific. How are these 'properties' being stored? What information about them does the developer have at their disposal?
We have the entire county database. Those addresses are matched up to USPS mailing addresses. The user searches a property to pull up relative information.

The software uses map box to put a overlay over the property and show property lines. We want the ability for the software to approximately calculate the dimensions of the property.
If "the software" is able to draw a rectangular overlay, then it must possess bounding coordinates. If it possesses bounding coordinates, it's likely simple geometry, right?

Or, do you want to do this out of scope of this software? If so, one must know how this data is rendered. Is it a canvas on a page, an element, or out of scope of a browser?

Specifying what you're measuring is on no help whatsoever.
I posted in your genmay thread, but I'll post it here too.
This is using turf which was ported into mapbox recently for client-side analysis stuff.
You can see details on turf here
odoe said:
The more I thought about that particular scenario the more it interested me.
Turns out it wasn't as easy as I thought to measure and label since there's a couple of things happening.

But I got about 90%-95% there.,output

You'd just need to turn those markers to labels if you wanted, but if you click on them they show distance.

That code could use a cleaning too, I'm just sayin'