Project: Rogue (NZXT SFF)

Sunlight is how to do it...I struggled for a long time trying to figure it out (LOL, your picts are 1000X better than mine)

Very nice so far.

Thanks Mark! I'll try it in the sun when I get a chance. Lol, I've never thought my pics were that great. I've always told myself it's okay though. I'm a modder, not a photographer... :D

:p Pics? This is the best thing I've ever seen. I want to see more. :D

i don't often go into the case modding forum but this thread is absolutely amazing. really inspiring stuff...makes me want to learn more. definitely going to subscribe to this thread and find op's other threads.

dude that case is totally sick.. that is just plain awesome.. =)

can't wait for more, keep it up, mate :D

Thanks guys! Expect more updates (late) tonight. I've got 3 days to have a functional rig. There will be details I won't have time to finish, but it has to be running!
I'm on a roll tonight! I've got lots to do yet, including some more fabrication, but I thought I'd get a few assembly shots posted.

Since the side panels will be illuminated, I had to drop CCFL's in the lower sides of the case. These things fit like a glove...


Next up, I attached the radiator mounts in place.


Mounting the reservoir...


The LCD mounted...


Front panel back on, and gauges in place...


Bulgin switches mounted...


The work continues...
Thanks Mark! I'll try it in the sun when I get a chance. Lol, I've never thought my pics were that great. I've always told myself it's okay though. I'm a modder, not a photographer... :D
LOL, I know the feeling. My Bro got so disgusted he let me borrow his girlfriends Tri Pod. Big difference.

Coming together nicely, great job.
Just a quick update here before I get to work tonight... The fan grills have arrived! I don't care how wrong it is... These things turn me on!




I think he means because they turn him on, but he doesnt care how wrong it is. Dont blame him! Those are sick.
I was afraid to say I was turned on as well, no matter how I phrased it it just sounded bad.
(wait, did I just say that out loud?) lol
WOW them grills came out great!

i will have to check out this FPE some just horrid at designing lol....but ill have to look into it!
I'm on to mounting the grills, and just had to show you guys what it looked like. I think I should have done these last... 'cause I keep getting lost in the red anodized dreamy sweetness...

These stickers gotta go...


A little sleeving...


The six-pack...


This picture needs no explanation...

You could use some liquid electrical tape and paint over the part of the fan wiring that shows from under the grill.
I'm not sure if I just missed it or not but where did you get your screws from? Specifically the ones mounting your grills. I am trying to source a location online to find some nice hex screws...preferably in multiple colors.

Du you have a link for the 2 Bulgin switches? Which on is for power, and which is for reset?
Nicely done Craig.

freaking amazing! One of the best case mods I've seen.

Thanks guys!

why'd this thread just jump to 17 pages? wasnt it just at 12 yesterday?

It may have been... I've been trying to update daily :D

Or he could have just used solid black sheathing if that was his original intent which I doubt.

The red sleeving was intentional. It was a personal preference, but I like it.

I'm not sure if I just missed it or not but where did you get your screws from? Specifically the ones mounting your grills. I am trying to source a location online to find some nice hex screws...preferably in multiple colors. huge selection, but limited colors. Well, no colors really...


Du you have a link for the 2 Bulgin switches? Which on is for power, and which is for reset?

The buttons on the left are power and reset for the Rogue. The button on the right is for the Via Epia.
Um, is it Thursday already? I'm only slightly panicked at this point. Netwar is tomorrow, and the rig's gotta be running tonight. If I don't make it, surely it's not for lack of trying. I've been getting to bed around 3am every morning. Heck, I think I've got more time working on the Rogue, than I have at my regular job this week. So, that brings me to this update...

To start things off, I'll show a shot of the completed top panel.


Next up, I've got a little more fabrication to do on the interior of the case. I need to make a bracket for mounting the Via Epia system.

All drawn out...


All cut out...


Let's get some bending done. This is a piece with some fairly complex bends for it size. I start by bending on both sides...


Then bending again, to form mounting tabs.


We are left with this.


Okay, now we have two more bends to make. Because of our prior bends, the piece will no longer fit in the brake. Here I've clamped the piece between an aluminum bar, and a square.


After bending...


Repeat on the other side, and we are left with this piece.



I had to cut a hole in the center to clear the back of the pico board.


The board fits on one side...


The hard drive on the other...

Next up, I've got to make a bracket for mounting the pump.



Here is where it will be mounted on the internal tray.


The Via, and pump mounts in their final locations...




With the internals completed fabbed, it's time to do a little assembly.


Tonight, I will paint the side panels, and drop all the hardware in the case. About the biggest thing to finish, will be the front door. Right now it's not as critical as having the rig running. So, I'll see what I have for time tonight, and maybe I'll get it done too...
Wow finally caught up to wats been done on the project so far, very nice work and craftsmanship on this project, one of the finest ive seen. =)
Keep up the good work Craigbru, she's looking beautiful!
Oh yea you also mention "Netwar is tomorrow" < what is this Netwar?
Anyways looking forward to your next few updates on your project Rogue =P
Time for another update! If you've been following along, you all know that last week was a mad rush trying to get the Rogue ready for Netwar. Ultimately, I didn't get it done, but I still had fun trying to make it. I think I'm finally catching up on my sleep, but I've still got some catching up to do around the house. I ate cereal out of a measuring cup this morning... Also, starting next week, I've got to start finishing my basement. My fiance and her son, are moving in to my house, in a little over a month's time. I need to get an extra bedroom down there... So, this all means that although the work on Rogue will continue daily, updates are going to come a little slower than in the past. I hope all of you can hang in there... :D

So, on with the update. Here I've got one of the side panels painted...


Acrylic insert in place...


Next up, I've got to assemble the TEC and CPU block. A little Arctic Silver on the block...


Peltier in place...


The cold plate was installed, and the whole assembly was mounted on the motherboard.


Now, I've got to make a custom assembly for the Dakota Digital water temperature sender. The sender is designed for automotive applications, so I've had to get creative to adapt it to work in my loop.

Here is the bare sender.


This right here, is an G 1/4 to G 1/8 adapter. It's actually designed to be used in automotive nitrous oxide systems.


The sender has been fitted in to the adapter.


The sender and adapter have been fitted in to a delrin t-block.


Finally, the wiring has been attached, and finished off with some heat shrink tubing.


Tonight, I'll cover a little of the hard drive tray modification, and the start of some detail wiring. I'm also going to be fabricating a new i/o panel for under the reservoir. The one I've got, has a slight alignment issue, and I'm not happy with it. It sits just a little higher than I'd like...
Man, that is just sinfully sexy. It is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait for the next pics.
Wow.. I've been popping in and out of this thread but haven't commented yet. This is coolest mod I've seen in a long time and I can't wait to see it finished.
So, this all means that although the work on Rogue will continue daily, updates are going to come a little slower than in the past. I hope all of you can hang in there... :D

NOOO!!! !!!
man, first the writer's strike pushing back a bunch of my favorite shows, and now this.
:mad: ;)
Okay guys, I've teased you all enough. So, I'm going to give in and give you all a little peek...

**Disclaimer** The shots you are about to see represent a still incomplete case... However, I think you'll like what you see. The biggest exterior change, will be the addition of the front door. At that point, the exterior will be complete. Woohoo!





Been watching this mod evolve for months. Its the first case I check every day. Awesome job! One of the best uses of space Iv seen.
This is a cool case. been watching for a while and i have to say it looks like a small engine block!
Wow it is coming together nicely!!

i too have been watching this everyday and its the only case mod that ive watched from beginning to end!

craigbru you do amazing work! keep it up and finish this bad boy!
lol dude that is seriously sick man. It looks like an advanced honda (red top) v-6 lol.. that just pure hotness..:D
Well, another weekend has come and gone... with almost no modding time... I had my sister's kids for the entire weekend, and they needed supervision. I also took advantage of the nice weather, and got a bunch of work done in the yard. Either I'm getting old, or I just overworked myself, because I'm sure feeling sore today!

So, enough about my weekend... what about the case? Well, I did get something done, and will update with pics tonight. Basically, I've decided to add a Griffin Powermate to the Rogue. I originally bought one last fall, and was going to put it on the case, but my design changed, and I just couldn't find a home for it. So, I pretty much forgot about it until this weekend, when I came across it as I was cleaning up a little. I decided to install the software on the Via system, and play around with it a little. As it turns out, the software is pretty awesome, and you can map almost any function you want, and it's profiles work per program. However, the feature I liked the most, was it's mouse emulation. Okay, so how do you control a mouse with a simple rotary wheel? It's like this, rotate left or right, and the cursor moves left or right. To move up or down, you simply press in the wheel, and rotate left or right, which equates to up and down respectively. A single press in the center of the wheel, is the same as a left click. Pressing the center of the wheel, and holding for 3 seconds clears the desktop. Sound complicated? It's really not bad at all. In fact, it reminds me of a single knob Etch-a-Sketch.

So, why even bother with this at all? Well, it has a couple of great advantages. Namely, quick and easy control of the Via, without the need for an actual mouse attached. This could come in handy when the Rogue either isn't running, or when gaming, and Synergy isn't available.

I've got a hole drilled in the door of the case, between the two LCD displays. However, in order to avoid having it look just like some big, stupid knob in the front of the case, I need the perfect knob. So, I've been searching the internet for just such a thing. If that wasn't enough, I've decided to swap out the knobs on the Zalman fan controller, for something a little more beefy. Naturally, all the knobs need to match. Ideally, I'd like the fan controller knobs to be around 20mm (3/4"), and the Powermate's to be between 30 and 35mm (1.25"). Also, the Powermate knob needs to be very low profile, or be able to be modified for a low profile. So, I'm not asking for much, am I? :D Does anyone have any great sources for me?
I'm sure many of you were like me when you were younger? You loved taking things apart... To see how they worked, and to see what was inside. Well, who says that's something you outgrow? I surely haven't!

So, I've decided to tear apart my little Griffin Powermate...





There's really very little surface area left on the front of the case. That means my options for placement are pretty slim. I've decided to put it front and center on the case door. This is why finding the perfect knob is critical. Anything to large, or anything that doesn't match the aesthetics, will certainly look out of place. The knob hunt continues...



I'm currently waiting for a few parts to arrive... they should be here today actually. I needed a few minor things like wire sleeving, and some spade connectors, but I couldn't continue without them. It seems that there are so many little details that have to be taken care of. All cabling will be cut to length, sleeved, and pre-routed. Even wiring that will never be seen, must be in order. If it's not, it will really bother me... So, that's one of the things I'm going to be working on over the next few days.

In the meantime, I had a few details to wrap up on the case face. As shipped, there are acrylic strips that sit to the left and right of the door. These light up red when the case is on. Although they happen to match my theme perfectly, the strip on the right needed to be modified. The LED's from the Zalman fan controller actually reside in the area where the strip is supposed to sit. The fan controller can't be moved, so that meant the strip needed to be modified. This required me perfectly aligning and drilling 6 blind holes in the rear of the acrylic strip.



I'll show you the rest of details tonight...